Brian Agosta

Tips for Breaking into Commercial Acting in Boston

By Brian Agosta | December 12, 2019

This post is an excerpt from   “Hey Brian, any advice on being a working commercial actor in Boston?” About once a year or so, somebody asks me for advice on how they can break into commercial acting in […]

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Global Belly Laugh Day – The Top 5 Belly Laughs of All Time

By Brian Agosta | January 23, 2018

OK, first up: Global Belly Laugh Day is a suspicious holiday. Like totally one of those made-up dealies conceived by the “funny butt-stuff” lobby. Which, by the way, hasn’t returned my membership calls.

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Compelling Improv: How to Play Consistently Funny Characters – SERIES – Part 2

By Brian Agosta | January 16, 2018

I love playing characters on stage in improv: big, bold, super hilarious characters. My favorite creation is a washed-up 1980s rock star who is super excitable and thinks he’s way sexier than he has any right to be. No, I’m […]

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The Secret to Compelling Improv – SERIES – Pt. 1

By Brian Agosta | December 19, 2017

Sometimes Improv is Hard to Watch (and Do) “I just don’t get it: It looks like a bunch of people just messing around on stage.” – Anonymous Wow. Harsh, but you’ve heard it before, yeah? I have. Maybe you haven’t […]

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New shows in Somerville

By Brian Agosta | April 3, 2017

Big Attitude presents Basement Bonanza: a comedy show about big characters. Host Brian Agosta (The Comedy Studio, Improv Asylum, ImprovBoston) presents the best of improv, sketch and live music. Meet bombastic characters like Brian “Ace” Lee, the 80s rock ‘n’ […]

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New shows in Central Square, Cambridge

By Brian Agosta | December 14, 2016

The attitude is back in 2017 with a whole new show, new characters, new cast, and new surprises. Big Attitude is an improv comedy show with big characters. Like The Muppet Show meets Saturday Night Live, our cast of comedians […]

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Audition Notice – fall 2016

By Brian Agosta | October 11, 2016

Hi comedic performers, improvisers, writers, Big Attitude is preparing its first live-to-tape show to be filmed at the Out of the Blue Too in Central Square, Cambridge. BA is a live comedy variety show mixing improv, sketch and musical comedy. […]

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May the fourth be with you

By Brian Agosta | May 5, 2016

The top 5 ways thinking about Star Wars can improve your improv.

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New Website

By Brian Agosta | February 7, 2016

It’s pretty. It’s so pretty. You love it. Stop blushing. You are too modest.

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